Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bargain hunting

Usually my trips to car boot sales, charity shops and and vintage stores end the same way: me leaving with a full wallet, an empty bag and a downcast expression (the only exception to this being charity shop books, which I buy in great quantity).  But recently I was blessed with a couple of days of bargain hunting success.

1. Suitcase, £15 from a vintage shop in Clarendon Park, Leicester.
2. Polka dot dress, £2.99 from Oxfam on Queens Road, Leicester
3. Two lovely hardback books, which must remain anonymous as they are destined to be gifts for a reader of this blog, £3 apiece from Loros Bookshop, Queens Road
4. Milk jug, 70p from Ripon Car Boot sale
5. Tea cups, 50p apiece, from the Air Ambulance charity shop in Blaby, Leicestershire
6. Pyrex dish, 50p from Ripon Car Boot
7. Vintage 70s apron, £2 from Ripon Car Boot

I think my favourite find is the suitcase as I've been after a vintage one for ages.  It looks very happy in it's new home, sitting on top of my wardrobe filled with winter woollies.  I'd love to hear your tales of bargain hunting successes, or if you know of any particularly good shops or car boots in the UK that I can put on my 'to-visit' list.


  1. Charlotte Carpenter22 August 2012 at 16:36

    I think those cups were the ones that i very nearly bought from the shop in Blaby for my wedding, but they didn’t have saucers, good job i didnt though otherwise you wouldn’t have them in your collection! But i do love them!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so funny! Glad you left them for me to find ;)