Monday, 7 May 2012

Music Monday: The Beastie Boys

While indie has been my constant for the past twenty years, there's not a genre of music that I haven't been a fan of for however fleeting a time.  UK garage; thrash metal; funky house; riot grrrl; hip hop: they've all taken their turn on my stereo.  In my first and second years at university I got heavily into The Beastie Boys, thanks in large part to Graham, the DJ at the club I worked in (and spent half my life at), Alcatraz.  And so began my first hip hop phase, as I bought the records (on vinyl, naturally.  I was such a poser), wore the t-shirt, read Grand Royal, the Beastie's magazine.  I'd wear my baggy jeans slung low on my hips, a baby tee with Tank Girl or Spiderman stretched across my chest, sneakers on my feet and my hair in spikes.  When Sabotage or Sure Shot came on in the club, I'd charge around the dancefloor with the boys.  I cringe now to think of that gauche 19 year-old trying too hard to be cool and urban.  Trying too hard to keep up.

I was surprised by how sad I felt when I heard that Adam Yauch, aka MCA, had died on Friday.  The Beastie Boys will always take me back to those good times on the Alcatraz dance floor with Steve and Kirsty, Millar and Pacey.  And later in the 90s, around the time of Intergalactic's release, with Adam, Becky, Dave, Mike... people I've largely lost touch with but who were the centre of my world for a long time. 


  1. I think often of those days, simpler times, image meaning more than substance. it's funny looking back, the things i remember most about being on the dancefloor at traz, is that unbridled release and throwing everything into the music. beastie boys pulled it together. their music just worked. throughout my life I've come to and returned to them. stylish. i can't say i was saddened because im older now. those moments of complete inhibition are coming fewer and further apart. the next one i know is going to include the beastie boys and i know i will be jumping around and singing the beastie boys fight for your right to party. as we incorporated it into the big bad's set. so ten years or so on, the beastie's still in being played and loved. and the traz lot still in mind just not in eyeline. Dave

  2. "Still in mind just not in eyeline," what an amazing and true sentiment! I think of those days often too.