Tuesday, 29 May 2012

One bookish birthday list, and one practical list

I usually get childishly excited about my birthday, but this year I'm not so much.  Various reasons - the fact that I'll be spending it camping with year 8, the fact that I'll be SO OLD, oh my gosh, why God why?! - but in large part because I know I won't get many presents because, let's face  it, I'm about to move halfway across the world and so there's no point people buying me anything.  However, that hasn't stopped me coming up with various fantasy birthday lists, of which this is a bookish version...

1. What Matters In Jane Austen by John Mullan.  I love his literary puzzle books and as a self-confessed Austen geek, this will be a perfect summer read.
2. Penguin Classics deckchair from Art Meets Matter.  I have had this on a mental lust list for years but never got round to putting it on an actual list.  Error!  Yesterday I really rued the lack of a deckchair in my back garden.
3. Kindle Touch 3G.  I know, I know, but it will be SO useful when I'm away.  This is the one thing on the list that has made it onto my actual birthday list, and fingers crossed my dad comes up trumps.
4. Pride & Prejudice Literary Transport mug from the Literary Gift Company.  Let's face it, this will not travel well.
5. Virginia Woolf quotation ("Books are the mirror of the soul"), also from the Literary Gift Company.  Why anyone who is buying me a gift would ever shop elsewhere is beyond me.

But for some gifts more becoming to my imminent departure...

1. Mini dot travel holdall from Cath Kidston.  I'm long overdue an upgrade to my usual Primark weekend bag, and this fold-up bag from Cath Kidston will be just the thing to take to the States as a carry-on.
2. Small tan satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Co.  Perfect to remind me of England when I'm far away.
3. "Are we there yet?" map print from Folksy.  Perhaps not very practical to hoik to the other side of the world, but I love the ambiguity of the statement and the vintage map it's printed on.
4. On The Road Penguin Classics luggage tag from Gifted Penguin will be more practical than the Penguin Classics deckchair above: bookish and practical.
5. Clarks Classics sandals.  In summer I walk everywhere, and my usual New Look sandals aren't good for my feet.  At the weekend, after I ended up with blisters on the soles after walking across London, I was finally convinced that what I need are some properly made, comfortable sandals, so Clarks it is.

And finally, it's baffling that no-one has ever given this card to me: how perfect is it?!


  1. Hap B.day in advance! I have been lusting after a cambridge satchel for a while too, but they are a little out of my price range.Check out ebay for rip off for around £20 inc delivery. Im going to treat myself to one once I decide on a colour!

  2. Thanks! Still got a couple of weeks to wait. Sadly I won't be spending it wandering around Rye like you did, rather will be in a field with 130 students. Whoop, happy birthday to me.