Friday, 24 February 2012

This weekend I'm looking forward to...

... a few drinks and lots of catching up with friends, plus some great/drunken (delete as appropriate) dance moves down the local indie disco;
... a birthday meal for my friend J, celebrating a new start after her rubbish year;
... finally finishing a - I suspect overly long - post about the politics of fat;
... hopefully getting my poorly sewing machine back.  My TV broke yesterday so now would be a really good time to start overdue projects.  Knowing my luck, though, my machine won't be ready in time, my laptop will make it three for three and I'll have to do something other than watch films, blog and sew... perhaps even (whisper it) clean?  Nah, it'll never come to that.

Right, best go and get ready.  Have a lovely weekend all, toodle pip! 

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