Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dotty about polka dots

Just a fraction of my collection.

Ah polka dots, how I love you!  I don't think nine dresses, two tops and one cardigan in the same print is excessive.  After all, each one is subtly different: a collar here, a different shade of spot there.  There's tons of great dotty stuff in the shops lately, which does make it easier to indulge my habit but leads to sulks when I see people wearing the same thing as me.

This skater dress from ASOS is my favourite recent buy (back view chosen because the model is grinning like a psychopath in the front view).  It's really comfy to wear and looks great with a red cardigan.

This H&M shirt dress is in their online sale at the moment (although word of warning: I have nothing but bad experiences of shopping with them on the web).  It's also super-comfortable and easy to wear.

Zooey Deschanel is a polka dot-wearing icon.  I know she divides opinion between people who adore her and people who think she's a twee 'manic pixie dream girl', but as a fairly twee person myself, I'm a fan.  That fringe!  Those eyes!  That wardrobe! 

She has been rocking some great spots on New Girl which, after a slow start, I am loving.  For more Zooey fashions check out amazingly bonkers websiter What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear ?  A bit like What Would Jesus Do, but with more winsome indie and pussy bows.

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