Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What I Wore: A Re-made Vintage Skirt

I can't figure out why the picture quality on these shots is so bad: taken on my usual Nikon camera, I haven't edited them or changed them in any way, yet they look really pixellated and blurry. Weird. Anyone got any bright ideas on what the problem might be?

Anyway, onto the outfit! This is basically my summer uniform, and one you've seen (here and here and here) many times before: printed skirt, scoop- or v-neck tee, tan belt and tan sandals. Throw in a slogan tote and I'm good to go. I'm not going to win any awards for fashion innovation in this outfit, true, but I still love it.

This skirt started life as an 80s sundress with midi-length skirt, picked up from the Sue Ryder vintage shop in Leicester. The already-elasticated waist meant that chopping off both the top and bottom of the dress was a quick and easy job, turning a dated and ill-fitting dress into a cute floral skirt. Meanwhile, this bargain H&M t-shirt is my find of the summer. I'm not sure what it is about the cut that's SO flattering, but it works.

* Black v-neck tee - H&M * Floral skirt - re-made from a vintage midi dress * 
* Belt - Peacocks (old) * Sandals - M&S (old, similar here) * Tote bag - the Netherlands *