Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekend In Pictures

This has been one of the loveliest and most relaxing weekends I've had for a while.

On Friday I put on my new polka dot dress and met Thomas from work for 'just one drink' in The Lansdowne. Well of course, we ended up staying for dinner and then a few more drinks... and just like that, 7 hours had passed. I don't understand pub time: how can 7 hours at work draaaaaaag soooooo slooooooowly, yet the equivalent time spent in the company of my favourite person, in my favourite place, goes in the blink of an eye?

Saturday dawned bright and breezy, and we rode our bikes into Leicester to hit my favourite vintage shops (no luck, sadly) and pick up picnic supplies before riding down to the canal, where the annual Riverside Festival was going on. Beautiful boats, a floating jazz band, bunting fluttering in the wind... it was well worth a visit. After a picnic on the park, we watched my friends' band - Abandon Her - play their set before riding home across the nature reserve to have dinner and watch movies.

Thomas is madly trying to finish his thesis, so was working on Sunday. Left to my own devices, I spent a very happy day pottering in the garden, weeding and re-potting, reading and drinking tea. A weekend spent almost entirely outside has done wonders for me: I feel properly chilled out for the first time in weeks.

Highlight of our weekend, though, were the daily visits from our new feline buddy. This little cutie comes to see us most mornings and evenings and loves to explore our house. On Saturday evening, she got so comfortable that she curled up and went to sleep next to me on the sofa. It broke my heart a little to have to turf her out and hope she'd find her way home. She (we've decided she's a girl) has a love/hate relationship with the ginger & white cat who's also started hanging out in our garden. Basically, T and I have become crazy cat people who encourage a whole gang of local cats to visit us. It's sad, I know, but it makes us happy.