Sunday, 7 December 2014

What I wore: Put a bird on it

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? For me, both celebrities and fashion magazines are so far removed from the reality of my life, budget and tastes that it's ridiculous. However, real people - whether I'm eyeing up a stranger's clothes whilst walking down the street or looking at blogger's outfit posts online - inspire my wardrobe choices all the time.

This outfit reflects a combination of influences and inspirations. First, a lunch date with my friend Hannah a couple of weekends ago, for which she'd paired a mustard jumper with one of my favourite silhouettes, a Peter Pan collar blouse. And secondly Laura, of the blog Cardboard Cities, who often wears brooches with her outfits, gave me the confidence to try a piece of jewellery I haven't worn since buying it four years ago.

A pair of much-loved New Look supersoft skinny jeans (that they don't make any more *shakes fist at sky*) teamed with a Primark blouse (from winter 2013. I've since stopped shopping at Primark for ethical reasons) and my new Oasis jumper made for a great new combination. And to pull the whole thing together? What else could I do but put a bird on it, in the shape of this adorable swallow pin. The look is a little more preppy than usual for me, but I kind of love it. And best of all, it was the perfect outfit for a long car journey followed by some family time in Bradford.

* Jeans: New Look * Jumper: Oasis via ASOS * Blouse: Primark * 
* Brooch: Primark * Ballet pumps: Dorothy Perkins *

Standard worried-looking pose here. I promise, I wasn't actually about to burst into tears.