Monday, 15 December 2014

Good stuff: Links & likes

On The Hungry Vegan we've been baking Christmas Pfefferkuchen and Earl Grey Tea Loaf, and reviewing awesome vegan fast food joint, V Revolution in Manchester.

Why the notion of detoxing is a myth. An important read as we approach January and the season of 'detox diets'.

I seem to be featuring Sarah here a lot lately, but So Your Friend Is Spending Christmas Alone? is full of great advice.

A reminder that the Refuge gift list is still active at John Lewis - use list number 609505 and treat someone who'll be spending this festive season in a women's shelter.

Crysta's post - 8pm On Some Idle Tuesday - is just lovely, I do enjoy reading about happy news.

Nova just opened an online store selling her artwork on stickers, cushions and the like.

A great piece on why - in the narratives around adoption - we need to focus more on adoptees, as well as adoptive parents (found via Charlotte).

And finally something to cheer you: the badass women of 2014 you may not have heard about.


  1. Well, I for one think you should go ahead and feature Sarah as much as you like...!

  2. I second that, I think you should feature Sarah all the time aswell. It would be hard not to, actually!

    I love the Guardian article about detoxing. I've always been wary of the notion that we need to deliberately detox. I mean, isn't that what a hangover is??

    1. The article has a brilliant line, something about the human body detoxing every time we go to the loo. So sensible!