Saturday, 6 September 2014

What I wore: Posh frock & high heels

Six weeks ago today (I know, I'm bloody rubbish at getting posts up promptly!) my very lovely friend Emma got married, and it was one of the most fun weddings I've been to.  I'm sure one of the things that helped me have fun and relax was the fact that I loved my outfit, which sounds like a given but for me... not so much.

Photograph © James Mottram Photography

For years and years I would go to weddings in the most horribly frumpy dresses and I can't quite figure out whether I've just got better at dressing my body or whether the clothes in the shops have improved.  All I know is that I never used to be able to find stylish, smart dresses that fit my boobs and now I can. I think it's partly because I've now come to terms with my body in a way I hadn't managed even a few years ago, but from specialist retailers like Pepperberry (the fashion arm of the Bravissimo chain, and every big-busted woman's best friend) to high street brands, I'm finding it ever-easier to track down dresses that fit beautifully. Regardless, I absolutely loved this Closet dress as soon as I tried it on (and all the more so because it was reduced to £18!).  It really plays up my natural hourglass proportions, and felt comfortable to boot. And look!  Pockets!

I do always feel a bit like I'm in girl drag when I'm dressed up, though.  Despite presenting as femme and spending a lot of time in dresses, I'm not super-good at the performative gender stuff: nail polish, high heels, beauty treatments... it's all a bit baffling to me.  And as much as I like the chance to get gussied up once in a while, it's always a relief to come home, kick off the heels and put my flip flops and hoody back on!

       * Dress: Closet Blu via House Of Fraser * Shoes: Dorothy Perkins * Necklace: New Look *

          L-R: The amazing handmade (pretty much everything at the wedding was made by 
     Emma's fair  hands) wedding favours: a mix CD of tracks that mean a lot to Emma & Joe; 
   The happy couple after the ceremony; The Boy and I, a few drinks down, hit the photobooth.