Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Six days away

We got home late last night after a jam-packed six days in Europe.  Three cities (Amsterdam, Nijmegen, then Copenhagen) visited, miles and miles walked, five books read, lots of sunny weather, five trains, two flights... I'm exhausted now but had such a lovely and relaxed time away.  I could tell just how relaxed I was because, for the first time in ten months, I went six whole days without taking any painkillers: amazing!  My jaw pain is lingering around a bit today, but I think that's just the stress of travelling home.

We started with two days in Amsterdam, a city we both know well and so were able to just enjoy wandering around without the stress of dashing from one sight to the other.  We stayed at the Chic & Basic Hotel which is super central and had a fab canal-side location.  From there we went to Nijmegen (a small city to the east of the Netherlands, where The Boy lived for five years), where we had such a fun night out with friends.

Finally, Copenhagen, where we walked for miles and miles, stopped for drinks in sweet little pavement cafes, sat in the park to read and by lakes to take silly selfies, watched the most incredible thunderstorm (from the comfort of our Airbnb apartment, thank goodness), and generally had a lovely time.  I didn't utterly fall in love with Copenhagen, though, which surprised me because I'm generally a bit of a city slut and will give my heart to any place that comes along and bats its eyes at me.

The one thing I didn't do was take many photographs, because I was having such a lovely time just hanging out with The Boy that I didn't feel like taking my camera out every few minutes.  But hopefully these few snaps will give you some idea of what we got up to (and with apologies for the excess cleavage in the first picture!).