Thursday, 7 August 2014

List #31: The good things I have done this week

From looking at Ema's list, I think this was meant to be the good things I've done for others this week. Ah well, my list of good things is about things that have been good for me.  Let's call it self-care instead of selfishness!

1. Filled my house with fresh flowers.
2. Read the new issue of Bust magazine.
3. Welcomed a friend from the Netherlands to stay for a few days.
4. Finally seen Boyhood... and coincidentally sat on the same row as an old friend I haven't seen for about a year.
5. Bought some very cool feminist zines in Amsterdam.
6. Watched an amazing thunderstorm in Copenhagen.
7. Sunk into my own bed with relief and thankfulness after six nights away.
8. Made plans to visit my mum.
9. Got my Bloglovin list down from 149 unread posts to only 15.
10. Sat in my sunny backyard to read: seven days into August and I've read six books.  Not bad, eh?


  1. Replies
    1. To be fair, I am on holiday from work so I'm doing a lot of reading! One book a day is my average on days when I'm at home and not up to anything else.

    2. I think I read six in my last week off work... I mean, who needs a decorated living room when they can just lie in bed and read books?! Looking forward to finding out what you read!