Sunday, 8 June 2014

Good stuff

A very cool article from Impose Magazine about women in music (also the image source).

I cannot tell you how very badly I want to go to something like this.

I really love The Militant Baker (self-billed Body Advocate, Fat Chick & Feminist), and these photographs of hers are utterly beautiful.

I definitely need to make a DIY book clutch bag.

Five idiotic travel tips you should avoid: all so true.  The number of times I've heard, "Don't you worry about travelling in Africa on your own?", the implication being that don't I worry about being mugged/knifed/raped?

As the daughter of immigrants from South Africa, I very much related to Crysta's post - Benefit Claiming Immigrants - about moving to the UK.

* Thanks to Jenny, Bitch Media, Charlotte for links *

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