Saturday, 10 May 2014

Good stuff

I think it must be at least a year since I last did a links post.  I always mean to, but somehow never quite get around to sitting down and actually writing one.  Anyway!  Enough about what I haven't done, here's some good stuff from across the internet recently...

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I am an unashamedly huge fan of Courtney Love.  Complex, bonkers, fiercely intelligent, talented yet flawed: how can you not be a fan?  I still love, and regularly listen to, Hole's Live Through This album, so I really enjoyed reading Spin's recent oral history of the recording of the album.  There was also a great interview in Friday's Guardian.

And The Guardian has been spoiling all us 90s grrrls this weekend, with a Saturday interview with none other than Kathleen Hanna..

Rachelle's righteous fury burns through her post, I Was Unwillingly Turned Into A Fat Person Meme.  A frankly terrifying insight into how the inhabitants of the dark underbelly of the internet react when faced by a woman in control and proud of  her own body.

I howled with laughter at Buzzfeed's latest quiz: How misandrist are you? , which neatly skewers so many misogynistic societal norms.  'Dickflick' and 'dicklit' are now going to enter my regular parlance.

I've linked to Nerdy Feminist's post before, but this one is so far up my street that it's practically knocking on my front door.

I've loved everything that Andrea has written lately, but Parklife 20 Years On was an especially great read.  So much of what she wrote chimed with my own experiences of being immersed in the Britpop culture through fanzines and a network of penpals, especially one of the last lines: "what I'm doing right now with this blog is pretty much the modern equivalent".

And finally, if you didn't listen to BBC 6 Music's brilliant show about protest music on Monday, now's your chance to catch it on iPlayer before it disappears.


  1. I really enjoyed this post - more please! :D

    1. I'll try not to leave it another year before doing one again!