Thursday, 13 February 2014

List #7: My to-do list

The prompt for this week's list was: what's on your to do list at the moment?  Now, I love a to-do list and always use them to keep myself organised.  My trick for a successful to-do list?  Always include at least one thing you have already done, so you can tick it off straight away!  This week, however, I have achieved precisely nothing from my list thus far...

1. Finish my online application to a new 0% balance transfer credit card; it's my top tip for managing existing debt (just don't be tempted to add new spending to it!);
2. Write some long-overdue letters to friends and relations;
3. Get in touch with my old head of department to arrange for him & his wife to come round to dinner;
4. Start tackling the chaos that is the under stairs cupboard;
5. Take my books back to the library;
6. Pack my bags for a weekend at my mum's;
7. Take some photographs for blogposts;
8. Send off my car insurance documents and my remortgage application.
9. Investigate the possible leak above my front room, and if necessary find a plumber to look at it.
10. Tackle at least some of my overdue marking before we break up for half term tomorrow.

Why are to-do lists always so blooming boring?  Sometimes being a grown-up sucks.


  1. I love list writing and have far too many note books than is good for me.

    That's a lovely notebook, where is it from?

    1. It's from Bread & Jam ( It's ace, innit?! I actually haven't started using it for my lists yet, because it's too nice to spoil with my messy scrawl.

  2. Yeah, why are to do lists sometimes so boring?! The only good ones to write are travel/holiday ones and even those can be filled with some boring stuff too.

    Jen |

  3. My to do list is useful and also terrifying. I aim to conquer it this week (but that is my aim every week and I only achieve it maybe 2 weeks in 5 as new stuff gets added)