Thursday, 16 January 2014

List #3: The things I do on a rainy day

 Photo via weheartit
1. Put on some clean pyjamas, make a nest of duvet, pillows and quilts, and refuse to leave my bed.
2. Sit in a comfy chair, with my feet tucked under me and a good book in my lap.
3. Go to my favourite bar, Firebug in Leicester, curl up on a sofa with a pint of cider, and watch the rain fall outside while savouring being dry and warm.
4. Pull on a pair of boots and go walking by the canal.
5. Worry about my hair frizzing (and then sulk when it inevitably does).


  1. Walking in the rain is fun, as long as you know it's raining when you leave the house and you're not on your way to anywhere important!

    1. Gosh yes, there's nothing worse than walking TO somewhere in the rain. I quite like it when I'm on my way home and it starts chucking it down, and I know there's no hope of staying dry so I just give myself up to becoming soaked.

  2. Amen for numbers 1, 2 and 3. I love lazy, cozy days.
    Claire xx
    somewhere... beyond the sea