Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekend in Brighton

And so to Brighton, to celebrate our first anniversary.  Quite where the last year has gone, I don't know, but it was almost twelve months ago that The Boy and I met and so this weekend we took ourselves off to Brighton - home of plentiful vegan food, fairground attractions, hipsters, and pebbled beaches - to celebrate.
Thanks to the heavy rain, we spent a large portion of Saturday in the pub (The Prince George, a vegetarian and vegan pub in North Laine) eating delicious food and drinking cider before heading to our rather posh hotel (The Old Ship) on the sea front, where we lay on the bed for quite some time claiming we could never eat again, before doing just that.  Brighton might be the only city in the UK where even the 4* hotels have vegan options on their menu, so we dressed for dinner and stuffed our faces a bit more. 
On Sunday morning, there was time for a very windy stroll along the prom (prom prom) and down to the pier, before some shopping in North Laine and then returning to the pub to meet two of T's Dutch friends, who happened to be visiting.  Another downpour tethered us to the pub (we're not very imaginative in our excuses, are we?  It might be more honest to admit that we actually just really like hanging out in pubs), so there's a lot that we didn't manage to do or see.  I think a return visit might be in order.



  1. Ooh the food looks (and sounds) amazing! :)

    1. It was SO good. There's a great veggie canteen called Iydea, where I had incredible goats cheese arancini, the the George had great vegan roasts... It was all yummy.

  2. Happy anniversary! Definitely looks like a lovely weekend :-)
    Brighton Pier is ace; my father in law is friends with the manager of the pier so the last time we went we managed to nab a couple of free rides! :-) x

  3. That's so cool! Free rides is always good. When we were there it was rather too drizzle and windy to try the rides.

  4. I can't believe that's been a year already! Happy anniversary!