Friday, 25 October 2013


Just north of my hometown, Bradford, Saltaire is a jewel of a place. Bradford - or at least, my part of it - did not ever feel like a place where art, reading and culture were valued, so Saltaire has always been an escape for me; somewhere I could enjoy chic cafes, bookshops and art galleries, feeling a million miles from the busy urban sprawl of West Yorkshire.
At the heart of Saltaire is Salt's Mill, which houses the famous Hockney Gallery (David Hockney grew up locally) as well as a stunning bookshop, a cafe, and various other small shops and businesses.  We also took the time to wander around the village, popping into the Saltaire Bookshop (of course) and enjoying a rummage in both Brown Sugar Vintage (where I very nearly bought an original Husker Du t-shirt) and, on Victoria Road, Horsley & Henderson (where I was terribly tempted by the lovely variety of small homewares and accessories that sit alongside high quality vintage fashion).  I also loved Rad Studio, also on Victoria Road, with its emphasis on funky, striking screenprints on gifts and homewares.
Finally, a walk along the canal in the sunshine before heading home.  Should you find yourself in West Yorkshire, I would strongly recommend you get yourself to Saltaire.


  1. Sounds like my kind of place. Im adding it to my ever growing list of places to visit in the campervan!

    Congrats on a year with the boy BTW! I meant to comment on your Brighton post but never got round to it. Have a good weekend

    1. Thank you! It feels kind of unreal, I know a year isn't a massive amount of time but for me it really is an achievement!

  2. I always forget you're from Bradford! My friend lives in Saltaire and it is indeed beautiful. x

  3. It is lovely, every time I go home I remember how many fantastic places there are in Yorkshire.