Sunday, 1 September 2013


MAKING ooh, lots.  I fixed some curtains for a friend, then while my sewing machine was out I whipped up an iPad cover.  I upcycled a chair, baked some banana bread, made a birthday present for The Boy, framed some Penguin Classics postcards to put in my living room, made a collage on my craft room wall...  I hope my making streak doesn't end now school has started.

SITTING in the garden in the glorious sunshine, in between all the various makes and bakes.  It was lovely - after a summer full of activity - to have a few days at home over the bank holiday weekend, just chilling out and getting stuff done around the house.

PLANNING an autumn of trips, nights out, family visits and fun escapades with The Boy, because he finally moves back to Leicester next week.  Yippee!!!!

WEARING school clothes for the first time in six weeks :( 

READING stacks of magazines, which all seem to have arrived at once. I'm cancelling The Simple Things because even on second try, I don't like it that much. My subscription to Oh Comely has just finished, too, and I'm thinking I might try something different instead. Any magazine suggestions gratefully received.

EATING the aforementioned banana bread.  Yum.

DRINKING far too much at Leicester Pride yesterday.  It coincides with my friend, Liv's, birthday, so is a double celebration and therefore (in my mind) double the drinking is acceptable.  My head and stomach and liver all beg to differ today.

BUYING nothing except for food, drink, and a bargain £1.50 Persephone Books find in a charity shop.  The £100 challenge is underway and this week, I've spent £83.  When I first attempted the challenge this time last year, lots of commenters said that £100 a week was loads of money... and then  contacted me again a few weeks later to say they'd tried keeping track of every penny spent and been shocked at how easy it is to burn through £100 or more. 


  1. Banana bread is my favourite thing to bake. I have a great vegan banana bread recipe that I have drafted for my blog, complete with 'how-to' photos but haven't posted it yet because I don't know if I want to part with my recipe! A bit silly, I know.

    I also have that issue of BUST. :)

    1. Ooh I could really do with a vegan recipe now T is moving back to Leicester!

  2. I've got a box of those Penguin postcards that I haven't used yet... I'm off to buy a frame!

    Liz xx

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