Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer in Nijmegen

And so to The Netherlands.  It was wonderful beyond words to spend all of last week with The Boy.  We...

... caught lots of trains, exploring Den Bosch, Leiden and The Hague (Den Haag) as well as spending time in Nijmegen, his hometown;
... visited two art galleries and one cinema;
... ate lots of tasty food (I might be in trouble for this photo of The Boy enjoying his falafel, but I love it!), had a picnic in the park, and drank cider on a boat on the canal in Den Haag;
... sought out political graffitti, which Nijmegen is full of.  This one reads, "Education is right for everyone, we won't let it be taken away";
... browsed through dusty old record shops;
... wandered around cathedrals, like proper old people, and got freaked out by the dolls heads in the window of a shop just behind Stevenskerk in Nijmegen;
... played Scrabble using a Dutch set, which was abandoned when I ended up with a hand consisting of seven (SEVEN!) Es.

And now I am back in Leicester, and it's only five weeks until The Boy moves back here too!!  Counting the days...