Wednesday, 7 August 2013


BUYING... lots and lots and lots, including two Breton striped tops in Nijmegen, two ace dresses in the Joules sale (one with boats on it and one with birds, because I'm just a total blogger cliche) at Cheshire Oaks, and cool vintage finds in Leicester.

TAKING... lots of photographs of myself (I refuse to use that horrible 'selfie' word), in an attempt to get myself more camera-ready for being a bridesmaid next weekend.  I hate having my picture taken, and am the queen of blinking/pulling an odd face/talking at the wrong moment. 

READING... I am still working my way through the immense pile of paperbacks that make up the Game Of Thrones series, and also Winnie De Poeh, which is Winnie The Pooh in Dutch, and is my genius (ok, rubbish) idea for learning the language.

VISITING... Chester, on a road trip with a couple of friends.  We did some serious damage to our purses at the Cheshire Oaks shopping outlet, had a lovely evening out and then explored Chester the following day.  Also Norfolk, to visit two other friends and their little girl.

DRINKING... mojitos in Chester and cider in Norfolk.

EATING... far too much!  Lunches out, dinner with friends, long lazy evenings messing about in the kitchen whipping up meals and drinking wine: my summer holiday excess is not just limited to shopping.  I generally give less than a fuck about gaining or losing weight, but I have a bridesmaid's dress to fit into in less than a fortnight, so I need to keep an eye on things!

MAKING... all sorts.  I feel like I finally have my crafting mojo back, which is lovely.  Last week I made blinds for my friend, Emma's, kitchen window and a very cool wedding present involving vintage maps (tutorial to follow, after the gift has been given) for my best friend Cara.  Then yesterday I had a lovely crafty afternoon with a friend who's recovering from a knee op and can't really get out of the house; we made bowls and bookends from old records, and padded heart decorations. 

PACKING... to go away again.  I got back from Norfolk on Monday and am now heading off to Leeds to visit the family for the weekend. 


  1. Gorgeous hair! Hope the wedding goes well

    1. Thanks! Had it cut and dyed yesterday and I am miserable about it. Why do hairdresser's never quite listen to what you want?!

  2. Yay! This all sounds brilliant - and it's nice to see your face!

    1. Thanks :) I have discovered the secret of liking photographs of myself - take them in a mirror. I guess I am completely used to my mirror image but not at all prepared for my 'real' face.