Sunday, 17 February 2013

Half term travels

1. & 2. On the way to Nijmegen;
3. & 4. Political graffitti art on the walls of the vegan cafe downstairs from The Boy's abode;
5. Gracie playing in the park in Brighouse, West Yorkshire;
6. Don't get excited!  As the only daughter of the only daughter, I've had the privilege of being entrusted with my late Granny's beautiful diamond engagement ring, and have enjoyed wandering around with massive rocks on my finger.
As you can tell from this and other recent posts, I'm slipping back into bad habits: relying on my phone and Instagram rather than using my camera.  Must do better, Janet.  It's been a good half term though: DVDs and pizza with friends to start it off, then five wonderful (but bloody cold) days in the Netherlands with The Boy, culminating in a fabulously romantic Valentines Day walk through Amsterdam in the snow.  Finally, I've spent the weekend at home at my mum's house.  She and my step-mum have just returned from my Granny's funeral in Cape Town,and we - and my brothers - enjoyed sharing stories and memories of my grandparents and looking through old photographs, letters and documents.  It's at times like these that we all find it hard to be living on a different continent to pretty much everyone in our extended family.  And it's back to school tomorrow... boo.