Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valentines cards that don't make me want to vomit

I am not and never have been a fan of Valentines Day.  For one, I'm not all that romantic in the traditional sense; overblown gestures involving roses and candlelit dinners strike me as a bit cheesy, and I've spent too many years as a single girl to be able to wholeheartedly celebrate the date.  In my twenties, my best friend and I used to go on platonic Valentines dates: she'd bring me a bunch of tulips (my favourite flowers), I'd make her a card, and we'd have a nice meal out somewhere.  But to mark the frankly bewildering turn of events that have led to me spending Valentines Day in a relationship (and, thanks to Easyjet, able to spend the 14th with the object of my affections), I took to Etsy to see if I could find a nice card that didn't make me want to pull puke faces...

I really like the urban graffitti range by Eyeshoot Photography.  But I reckon 3 months is a little soon to be throwing the word 'love' around willy-nilly.

One for the How I Met Your Mother fan in your life.  But still with the 'l' word...

I adore this card but it's perhaps too far in the opposite direction from the hearts and flowers and love nonsense.

You can't go wrong with song lyrics on a card.  Unless they're from a James Blunt song, in which case: no.

Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner folks!  Not sure what the badge is all about, but the card is fab.  Not too gross and romantic, no 'l' word, nice graphics and a lovely message. 


  1. Great choice! Valentine's Cards can be so awful!

    1. Part of me is quite tempted to get one of the ghastly ones, with kittens and stuff on!

  2. Or you could make your own, always a winner :)

  3. I ordered one of these. Not saying which in case Rob decides to be nosy ;)

    By the way, I nominated you for a blog award. Please don't feel any pressure to fill in the questions, but I thought you deserved it! <3