Monday, 14 January 2013

Music Monday: One Direction

In my 18 months of writing Music Monday posts, I've been very careful to not duplicate artists, preferring to write about a new band every week.  Until now.  And it is to my great shame that the first band to gain the honour of a second slot are One Direction.  I know, I apologise for letting you down.

The things is, my music taste has suffered a recent dramatic decline in quality, and I blame The Boy.  Of the many things that annoy me about this whole relationship thing - the nervous and constant checking of the phone; the inability to eat, so that none of my clothes fit and my jeans keep falling down; the butterflies in stomach sensation - the one I'm most concerned about is my sudden obsession with terrible pop music. 

Ok, so the fact that I 've written in praise of pop music before perhaps indicates that this isn't an entirely new phenomenon.  But the extent of my pop love has become far more severe of late.  My attitude has become: why put on the latest Grizzly Bear album when I could be singing along to Rihanna?  Why listen to Ryan Adams when there are ghastly-yet-compelling Ed Sheerhan ballads out there?  And why hunt out the latest Sufjan Stevens live recordings on Youtube when I could be watching back-to-back One Direction videos?

The thing is, though, I can't really blame The Boy for this last one because let's face it, I have always loved me a bit of 1D and their latest single, Kiss You, is absolute classic boyband pop in the mould of You Don't Know You're Beautiful, and I fucking love it.  I loved it when I heard it on the radio, and I love it even more now I've seen the video.  It has Harry tweaking Zayn's nipples.  It has Liam in a sidecar.  It has the line "chinny chin chins" sung with a completely straight face.  It is, in a word, the best thing you will see in 2013*.

* If your tastes run to boyband cheese and extreme homoeroticism which, if not, why not?


  1. Funny things do happen when you meet someone, but there is nothing wrong with a little cheesy pop from time to time!
    Enjoy it! (the cheesy pop and the butterflies!)