Monday, 23 January 2012

Music Monday: Vampire Weekend

Most of my music Monday posts are about songs that I love passionately, but Vampire Weekend are, I find, hard to feel passionate about.  Their music is nice, fine, pleasant even, but I don't think those are adjectives any musician would fancy having attached to their work.  I do like the video for this song, Oxford Comma, which is directed by Richard Ayoade of The I.T Crowd fame, but what I really feel passionately about is the Oxford comma itself...

Having spent today languishing in bed with a migraine I was feeling utterly bereft of inspiration for today's post.  And then, lo!  An email appeared (with the cartoon below attached) that, were I and the sender not avowed athiests, I would attribute to divine intervention.  Suddenly the question of what to write about was solved.  Because actually, Vampire Weekend, I give a fuck about the Oxford comma.

I've done my best to find out where this comes from so I can credit the artist, but no luck.  Whoever it is, I think I might love and hate them in equal measure.  Oxford comma: good.  Lower case proper nouns: bad.