Monday, 30 January 2012

Music Monday: Ryan Adams

My usual weekend recap never got written yesterday, because I was enjoying snuggling by the fire, reading and listening to Ryan Adams, too much to fetch my laptop.  I have become obsessed with his music lately, particularly 2001's Gold and recent release Ashes & Fire, and am listening to one or the other every day, so last week I was very excited to get tickets (albeit rubbish seats) for his tour in April.

I was quite torn as to which song to choose for music Monday.  Come Pick Me Up from the Heartbreaker album and Answering Bell and When The Stars Go Blue, both from Gold, are favourites, but this track, Come Home (from his new album)  just won out, partly for the beautiful slide guitar effects and partly for the lovely backing vocals sung by his wife, Mandy Moore.  I'm a sucker for a bit of romance in a song, and when they sing "Nobody has to hide/The way that they feel...I will be here for you/Standing by your side" in harmony, I defy the hardest of hearts not to feel moved.  Up top is the original album version, and below is a lovely video of Adams singing the song acoustically.  I'm not sure which I prefer.

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  1. i like the acoustic version best :)