Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why don't you...?

After a disastrous past week I hadn't realised how grumpy and down I was until I began feeling better. The question of how to pay for my new boiler is still weighing heavy on my mind, but otherwise everything looks a bit brighter. Partly this is because every afternoon this week, instead of finishing school and coming home to veg out with a book or stare at the TV, I've actually done something instead.

Monday was a lovely meal at a friend's house (with delicious couscous & roast veg - recipe to come). Tuesday I went to pick up the aforementioned dream dress, made a yummy salad nicoise, planted up four pots for the patio and finally finished off the registration for my MA course. This afternoon I've managed two hanging baskets and another couple of pots of herbs and am now attempting to tidy up my iTunes.

So it turns out the theme tune to Why Don't You? had the right idea all those years ago. You really will feel better if you "turn off your TV and go and do something more interesting instead".

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