Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Record Store Day-inspired lust list

I missed Record Store Day this year because I was on top of a hill in North Yorkshire, but I have fond memories of hanging out in Rockaboom in Leicester last Record Store Day, snapping up some bargains (Midlake, Eels and Micachu & The Shapes, if memory serves me correctly).

I have long been of the opinion that music is not just for listening to.  I have framed song lyrics scattered around the house, band t-shirts galore in my wardrobe and my favourite gift in recent years was this photographic print from Etsy.

Found on All Things Original recently was this fabulous mixtape tea towel.

And also on the mixtape theme is this iPhone case from Crank Cases' Etsy shop.  I need!

Finally, there are numerous online how-to guides about making a bowl out of a vinyl record and I've been meaning to give it a go for a while.  But after seeing this bowl from Spinning Hat I fear I might just cave in and buy one.  After all, I will never achieve such perfect roundness in a homemade one.

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