Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The joy of text

I love reading: I have 1000s of books, I chose a job that often involves nothing more than reading to 30 teenagers, and I really don't feel comfortable being in a room that doesn't have books in it.

But I don't limit my reading to books. I have a bit of an obsession with text on homeware, such as my favourite mugs:

or the cushion I have in my front room which delights me in a childish way:
So when I got home today to find a parcel containing my new bathmat, I was excited. I spotted this on the H&M website a while ago but couldn't justify the shipping costs for a measly £6.99 bathmat. So when finding a dress I wanted coincided with a 20% off code, I went for it. Well, as it turns out the bathmat isn't perfect. Even though my bathroom isn't huge, it still seems a little on the small side. It's also quite a thin towelling material which is unlikely to feel warm and cosy against my feet on a cold morning. But I am prepared to forgive much for such an abundance of lovely, vintage-y feeling text.

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