Monday 22 February 2016

Photo An Hour: Saturday 20th February

Thomas was away, so I took the opportunity to have a long and lazy lie-in without 6'3" of wriggling boy next to me. Once awake, I stayed snuggled under the duvet with a magazine. The Simple Things isn't my usual choice - I find it a bit too consumer-driven, all 'buy this, buy that' - but the cover was so pretty I couldn't resist it while doing the weekly shop.

Time for breakfast. Yum.

The view from where I'm sitting. And in a development which will shock everyone who regularly reads my Photo An Hour posts, I was reading The Guardian and listening to 6 Music. So, what I do every Saturday morning basically.

12 midday:
I've gone off blogging a bit recently, but I did my best to motivate myself to finish a Buyer's Archive round-up for the past year, then got bored after 15 minutes and abandoned it. Standard.

Bored with blogging, I went up to the office and got some layouts sorted for the zine I'm working on.

I went to a plus size clothes swap yesterday, so on Saturday afternoon I had a stack of clothes to try on to decide whether or not to take them or keep them. This skirt ended up in the 'keep' pile.

The house was feeling really chilly (the downside of living in a beautiful but draughty Victorian terrace) so I lit a fire and did some more magazine reading.

Making biscuits (and a mess) in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I chose a recipe with dough that needed to be chilled for 24 hours, so I couldn't enjoy the fruits of my labour. I did, though, get to use my amazing stand mixer, which was a Christmas present from my family.

A bit later than usual, but time for a cup of tea while I listen to the radio (again) and read (again). And yes, in case you're wondering, we do have daffodils in pretty much every room of the house.

Oops. I was so looking forward to being able to take some photographs of somewhere not in my house, but when I actually went out I completely forgot to a) take my camera and b) take photos on my phone. So no pictures for the four hours I spent with friends, eating pizza and gossiping. Instead, the standard final #photoanhour picture: my bed and a book.