Sunday 20 December 2015

Photo An Hour: Saturday 19th December

After a couple of months of forgetting completely, and November's day going a bit pear-shaped, I finally managed to complete another Photo An Hour! It was quite a challenge as my plans for the day consisted of staying at home in my pyjamas, doing as little as possible, which wouldn't have made for the most interesting set of photos. In the end, having the hourly prompt ensured I did a range of jobs that I otherwise might not have got sorted, so that's a win. Here's how my day panned out...

Just awake and reading in bed before I get up. Landline is set at Christmas so sort of qualifies as a festive read: I wasn't too keen the first time I read it and I still wouldn't say it's one of Rainbow Rowell's best, but I enjoyed it.

An important task: selecting which pyjamas to wear for my epic day of relaxing.

Having a little dance around the kitchen while my bread toasts. Just before I took this photo, Hughie played Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious BIG, and I was glad Thomas had popped to the Post Office and so couldn't witness the tragic sight of an almost-40-year-old white woman trying to bust out the hip hop moves.

Updating my work Instagram account. I'm loving this element of my job so much; I mean, getting paid to use Instagram? Pretty perfect.

The postie just knocked on the door to deliver my Thrifty Gift Swap from Donna and I'm so excited at the look of these gifts!

Working on my Year in Books round-up, which is proving a challenge.

A moment of sentimentality. I finished school yesterday (after ten years there) so I have a pile of cards to read through. I've been so humbled by the lovely messages from colleagues, ex-pupils, and parents but I know I've made the right decision.

We have a lot of late December/early January birthdays in our family so I was wrapping presents. And before anyone freaks out, those are my paper pinking shears I have another pair for fabric!

Baking gingerbread biscuits to give as gifts.

A bit later than usual, but here's the obligatory Photo An Hour picture of a cup of tea.

Despite it only being me and Thomas at home, I stuck to my tradition of dressing up for the Strictly final. My sequin collar jumper is years old and only ever comes out at Christmas.

The best night of the year! Although that said, I was a bit disappointed last night: Jay & Aliona particularly made strange choices.

I decided I couldn't wait any longer to open my first swap presents (I did three swaps this Christmas so still have some to go) and Thomas opened his too. The paper his came wrapped in is just gorgeous!

No photo as we were watching Strictly.

And finally, ending the day how I started: in bed with something to read.