Thursday, 13 March 2014

List #11: The things I want to make

Image from Oh Gosh

1. This bunting quilt. It's been on my to-make list since I first saw it on Em's blog last May. If anyone of my acquaintance (in possession of a small person or not) would like one as a gift, let me know. I think it would give me the impetus to actually get started if I was making it for someone.

2. Plans for the future.  It's difficult at the moment because, with The Boy finishing his PhD in 18 months time, we have no idea where he will find work once it's completed.  So at the moment there are just lots of hopes and dreams* but no real plans or decisions.

3. Some practice cakes before I embark making my friends' three tier wedding cake this summer.

4. Travel bookings for the summer.  We're hoping to have a train-based adventure: Eurostar to Amsterdam and a couple of days there, followed by a weekend seeing friends in Nijmegen (where The Boy used to live), and finally an overnight train to Copenhagen for a few days exploring Denmark.

5. Pancakes, as we didn't manage to make them last Tuesday (due to being in the pub, ahem).

* Hopes - to both find jobs either in the North of England so we can move to Hebden Bridge, or in the Netherlands.  Dreams - for him to get a job that is so fabulously well-paid that I can afford to go back to university and study for a Masters.


  1. I totally sympathise with that uncertain feeling that comes with one of you doing a PHD/needing to chase academic jobs. My other half finished a PHD in chemistry last year - can I ask what your boy is doing? And going back to do a Masters sounds exciting! Would you do it in education or something completely different?

    1. Definitely NOT in education! I want to do a Gender Studies MA in either Leeds or Utrecht (which fits rather nicely with the places we want to move to). I'd happily do a PhD in Education but I'd prefer my Masters to be a bit more general. T's PhD is about how social movements (such as Occupy or the Arab Spring protestors) and left wing/anarchist groups use social media to organise.

    2. Interesting stuff! I'd love to do a Gender Studies MA, but I think after one MA you probably have to call it a day. Sounds like T's PHD could be turned into a book!

  2. I've been toying with the idea of a bit more education. I don't think I've got the enthusiasm to go on to a masters so I'll have to start at the bottom again.

  3. Ooh, I really hope your 'dream' comes true! Doing a Masters would be amazing.

  4. Good luck on your dreams. I hope they come good. At the moment I can't make plans for the future either so I know how frustrating that can be!