Monday, 28 November 2011

Music Monday: Born Ruffians

Born Ruffians are on my long list of bands that I love but no-one else I know seems to have heard of.  In fact, apart from people who have listened to me rant about how brilliant they are, I've never met anyone who's heard of them.  So this is my attempt to spread the word.  At the top of the page is the ultra lo-fi What To Say, from their most recent album Say It.  I love the slow build up of instruments, beginning with just a sparse bass line until by the end it's a veritable riot (well, for Born Ruffians anyway) of noise.  I like the video too, which is a perfect match for the band's low-tech approach.

Below is a live version (which looks like it was recorded in someone's basement) of Foxes Mate For Life, from first album Red Yellow & Blue.  This is one of my favourite songs for singing along at the top of my voice (usually in the car, far away from any innocent ears).  All together now: "and I kno-oh-oh-oh-oh foxes ma-eh-eh-te for life becau-au-au-se they're in lo-oh-oh-oh-ve". 

Finding these videos has just reminded me how much I adore Born Ruffians.  Let me know what you think of them.  I'm off to put the album on now...

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