Monday, 16 May 2011

On the wall

I don't feel truly at home in a room unless it has two things in it: books on a shelf and pictures on the wall.  Although 'pictures' is slightly misleading: anything on the wall would be more accurate. 

Over the past few years I have amassed an odd collection of ephemera and objects that I frame and stick on the walls.  Some of my favourites are:


My hallway is lined with frames containing gig and theatre tickets and festival wristbands.  After a crappy day trying to get teenagers enthused about Shakespeare, it helps to be able to look  at these box frames and remember happy times.


This one, of my favourite part of South Africa (and my favourite place in the world), the Wild Coast, was courtesy of Bombus.  I did toy with trying to make one myself, but there is no way I would have got the heart shape neat enough to satisfy my craving for perfect symmetry.


Sick of constantly untangling the enormous collection of beads and pendants I have in an attempt to jazz up boring teacher clothes, I found these cute flower hooks in a local gift shop and they now not only stay neat, but brighten up a boring space between the fireplace and wardrobe in my bedroom.

I brought this slim, elegant wooden statue back from South Africa about 10 years ago but the base broke off in my suitcase.  After having it hanging around in junk drawers for a while, I finally stuck it into a frame when I moved house and it has been gracing the wall of my living room ever since.